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The Full Story


My Dreams began to take form over 27 years ago, as a young teen growing up on the North Shore of Massachusetts, under 10 miles from Salem, MA, My Mother was the first person to introduce me to a place where for the first time hitting those cobblestone streets and that feeling that blew through me was a tranquil, and intoxicating state of bliss.

I visited as much as I found the time, Salem, MA had become my classroom through the years, and had sown a seed of Spiritual Enchantment, wisdom, and a realization of what would come to be my calling and Divine Spiritual purpose. 


 found a name in 2008, It waited undeveloped for over 10 years.

 now in 2024, TIME to SHINE!



The Mission of WITCHCRAFTZ is to provide a thoughtfully crafted platform that serves as a comprehensive spiritual resource network. The platform aims to advance spiritual education through visitor interactions with Member Pages, Profiles, Blog posts, Forums, Groups, Classes, and Courses. supporting the advancement of research and spiritual, social, personal growth, and enhance well-being.

 Facilitate a directory benefiting community services and lifestyle.

spiritual communities succeeding by their participation in independent and industry supportive commerce. Creating new opportunities that encourage the growth of resources needed to Change and Positively make a difference in this world

Raising The Vibration, As One !


WILL BE The Link that Supports, and Unifies the Worlds Differences Through   Every Unique Spiritual Path Walked,   Mystical Wisdom Discovered, and the Knowledge Gained by Those Enlightened, and Spiritually


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